29 September 2013

Is College Becoming Worthless?

Google thinks so.
Google is increasingly hiring candidates who have no formal education, to the extent that you now see teams at the Chocolate Factory where 14 per cent of the team members have no college background.
Certainly arguable and not applicable in all fields. But even if a degree still has some real value, is the current process in obtaining (in most cases) sustainable? Charles Hugh-Smith thinks not.

Higher education is a self-serving cartel that is failing students, the economy and the nation. That which is unaffordable is unsustainable and will go away. The current system of higher education is profoundly unaffordable: it exists on an immoral foundation of student debt--$560 billion of which is Federal. Enormous expansions of student debt are required to keep the current system of higher education afloat.
Hugh-Smith's hypothesis is  quite fascinating. And, as I've pointed out before, if you want to point fingers at the dismal state of America's citizenry and their academic standing and, especially their knowledge of American history, the blame lies squarely with academia:
Since the higher education cartel is the sole provider of accreditation (college diplomas), it is unaccountable for its failure to prepare its customers (students) for productive employment in the emerging economy. If a diploma is portrayed as essential, students must pay the cartel even if the cartel’s product (education) is ineffective and obsolete. (Emphasis mine.)
And from another insider, Dr. Walter Williams highlights additional reasons that a college degree's value has become, in practical terms, "diminished":
At many universities, part of the freshman orientation includes what’s called the “tunnel of oppression.” They are taught the evils of “white privilege” and how they are part of a “rape culture.” Sometimes they are forced to discuss their sexual identities with complete strangers. The New York Post story said: “DePauw is no rare case. At least 96 colleges across the country have run similar ‘tunnel of oppression’ programs in the last few years.”
Of course, Williams just scratches the surface, but self-aggrandizing academics should be concerned - most have their head in the sand. Some are in denial about this whole situation, others are aware but are complicit and lying about it. The laws of economics and common sense are working against them.

There is an increasing amount of information coming out on this topic and I'll be posting more about it soon.


ropelight said...

No, college isn't becoming worthless, although it costs way too much, and lots of worthless people, faculty, staff, students, and other miscellaneous parasites congregate there, and students are coerced into outrageously worthless activities: tunnels of oppression being prime examples.

An institution which evolved to educate the sons of the elite can't be bastardized into an employment agency, matrimonial hunting ground, trade school, profit center, social laboratory, or retirement home without diminishing it's core function.

College is still the best place to get an education if you want one, but if you're there to get a job, find a mate, or just get juiced, there are less expensive and more efficient ways to get the job done.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Rope.