07 September 2013

The Essential Civil War Curriculum & An Important Milestone

I've posted before about some essays I've written for the Essential Civil War Curriculum. The ECWC is "a Sesquicentennial project Virginia Center for Civil War Studies at Virginia Tech. It is sponsored by two eminent Civil War scholars and authors, Dr. James I. (Bud) Robertson and Professor William C. (Jack) Davis both Professors at Virigina Tech."

Today, I was pleased and surprised to receive the following news from the executive director, Mr. Laurie Woodruff:
Today is a red letter day for the Essential Civil War Curriculum as we published our 100th topic, Wade Hampton III by Bob Ackerman.

I thought you would like to know how the website is doing. September, a fairly typical month, saw 1,379 unique visitors who collectively viewed 29,087 pages on the website. This is a very good outcome for a still small and specialty focused website. More interestingly we are now beginning to show up high in the Google searches. For example if you Google George Pickett Lesley Gordon’s material on the Essential Civil War Curriculum turns up on page 3. Considering the amount of information out there on Pickett this is a very good outcome. Google Civil War Artillery and Mike Martorelli’s material on the Essential Civil War Curriculum turns up on page 2. And if you google Civil War Chaplains Richard Williams Essential Civil War Curriculum material is the fourth citation on page 1!

These Google results have not been managed through embedded search terms on the website but are occurring because of the frequency with which the website is visited and the quantity of material being added to it. Over the next month or so I will we working with the developers to add tools to the website which will raise the frequency with which we are found through searches . . .

Thank you in advance for helping us to move things along more quickly.

Bud, Jack, Paul and Laurie 
While I realize that Google rankings are certainly not the primary indication of "worthiness" in any field, it is quite gratifying to see that ECWC is enjoying good results and broad appeal, and that I've been able to contribute in a small way. I encourage readers to use the site and read the essays. It is a great source to begin a study of the WBTS, as well as a great refresher and review for those who are already long term buffs and researchers. As the ECWC site description notes:
Written and peer reviewed by today's foremost Civil War historians, the Essential Civil War Curriculum contains essays, bibliographies and other resources on the 400+ topics which constitute the basic knowledge that should be possessed by any serious student of the Civil War.
For those interested, I've contributed the following two essays:

A Great Deal of Good: The Work and Impact of Chaplains During the American Civil War 

And Men Will Tell Their Children: The Stonewall Brigade

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