06 October 2013

I Stand With the WW II Veterans

Photo from Breitbart.com
Fred S. Busic
My grandfather, pictured at right with the "Jeep" he put together with parts from an Indian Motorcycle and other discarded pieces while stationed in Egypt during WWII. 

Forget the political theater, the finger-pointing, the blame game, and all the asinine excuses - the fact anyone would even consider not allowing men (who, quite literally, saved Western civilization), to visit their own memorial is beyond comprehension.


Anonymous said...

So just for the record, you believe people can break the law IF they are WW2 vets? What would you have said if a group of Occupy Protesters did the same thing?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

If you can equate Occupy Protestors with WWII Vets, you're reading the wrong blog.

13thBama said...

There is now a law prohibiting visitors to national monuments?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Many are closed due to, ostensibly, the partial govt. shutdown.