09 October 2013

NPS Defenders: It Ain't Working

Image from National Review
Update: Now this is FUNNY - ANARCHY!

Quick, call a park ranger - that squirrel might attack some stupid citizen!

Some are now hand-wringing over the possibility of bears eating people. "Lions, tigers, and bears - Oh My!" Man, the drama is getting a bit much.

We have bears in our trash on a weekly basis - should I call a park ranger to protect me?

And in another display of the absolute inability of some folks to analyze this stuff, a history blogger made this comment:
I love how our First Amendment rights now override the law. Wonderful precedent to set and let’s not the forget the irony of it all.
Uuhhh . . . yeah - that's exactly what it does, as the courts have ruled in case after case, after case. But I think I know the problem with that mindset (beyond the obvious lack of a fundamental understanding of the First Amendment). Folks like that think "laws" trump "rights" - as defined in the constitution. The amendments are inalienable - they pre-existed government and stand on their own - given by our Creator. So yes, the 1st amendment trumps laws that restrict it, when properly exercised.

End of update.

The Weekly Standard hits the National Park Service pretty hard with their most recent editorial. Very few people outside the Beltway mindset are buying all the dismissive, silly, weak defenses being offered from the predictable sources on behalf of the NPS. Their excuses are coming off as condescending and patronizing. And I'm beginning to get the sense even they aren't buying them. I guess they're in too deep to admit it.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the NPS has a major, self-inflicted public relations debacle on its hands. I don't think they quite comprehend what's happened - nor do their defenders. Those of us who live in the land between the airports see things much differently than do the elites in academia, the media, and government. Here's just a few excerpts from the hard-hitting WS piece:
Think about that for a minute. The Park Service, which is supposed to serve the public by administering parks, is now in the business of forcing parks they don’t administer to close. As Homer Simpson famously asked, did we lose a war?
And . . . 
It’s one thing for politicians to play shutdown theater. It’s another thing entirely for a civil bureaucracy entrusted with the privilege of caring for our national heritage [history?] to wage war against the citizenry on behalf of a political party.
This vindictive conduct will remain in much of the public mind for many years to come, even after the partial (83%) shutdown is resolved. It will take the NPS years to rebuild its reputation. What a shame.

You can read the WS piece here.


13thBama said...


Pure and simple.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

We're in comic book territory now. I see they're going to allow states to run some of the parks now. They must be feeling the heat.