10 October 2013

The South Most Liberal In The 1960's?

When dominated by Democrats? Hmmm . . . this makes for some interesting theorizing. I haven't dug into this too much, but it appears to be legit, as polls go anyway:
Interestingly, in 1964, the South appears to have been the most supportive of the liberal response (the government should ensure a job and a good standard of living). The second question, reported in the right panel, asked whether or not the government in Washington was getting too powerful.
 This, too, is an interesting opinion:
. . . it’s important to remember that public’s policy preferences usually go opposite of actual public policy. So although the public may be shifting more toward the right, a Republican president with conservative policies in 2016 may push the public to the left.
Americans apparently, at least to some degree, just like to b**ch. I think the Founders realized this and were ingenious in setting up the various levels of checks and balances - the three branches of government, the local, state, and federal levels, etc. The checks and balances distribute the b**ching to various levels. Think of it as spreading the whining around. ☺Thus, the current stalemate when the country is so polarized. In other words, it's working! Check out the details here.

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