28 November 2013

How Canting Ideologues Of The Institutionalized Left Use History

I came across a fascinating and inspiring article this morning. Here are a couple of the quotes which jumped out and grabbed my attention:
For Jews it is a reminder that the Jewish heritage is worth defending. It’s a memorial to the conviction that God directs history, which implies at times it is right to organize and resist tyrannous governments that undermine freedom.
For decades, the Institutional Left has invested its resources in seizing the initiative to narrate American history in order to frame it according to their ideological presuppositions . . . The Institutional Left understands the importance of a shared cultural history, which is why it invests so much energy in repeating the narrative that the founders were racists and oppressors. The founders must be made into villains in order to undermine their position of authority, a significant pillar undergirding the authority of our founding document, the Constitution. (Emphasis mine.)
This is why self-proclaimed "activist historians" and "enemies of American Exceptionalism" do what they do. There is an end-game.

The article the above quote comes from will dovetail nicely with another post I'm writing about popular history and why writers like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and David McCullough (as diverse as there are), are popular and why they are having an impact, despite academia's disdain for their perspectives. 

The writer from the quoted piece also asks some very simple, but profound questions in regards to our history and they are particularly appropriate to consider as we gather with family and friends to give thanks to Almighty God for our blessings:
A people need more than the news. They need a shared, documented, cultural history . . . What is the history of our people? Will we protect that history? Will we celebrate it? Where do we start?
I can tell you one thing for sure, activist historians of the institutionalized left and enemies of American Exceptionalism will not protect; nor celebrate our history. Those of us who understand why they don't should; and without apology.

Happy Thanksgiving.

More of this interesting article here.

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