05 November 2013

How Does The Fruit Of Canting Ideologues Taste?

The video features Mr. Barron, who has long taken exception to the lack of diversity in the art of the City Council’s ornate chamber, excitedly pointing to clear plastic bags installed to cover a statue of Thomas Jefferson and a portrait of George Washington.

“I finally did it. I bagged Thomas Jefferson,” the term-limited Mr. Barron declares, calling Mr. Jefferson a “slaveholding pedophile.”
Story here.
. . . in these dreariest of days in Academia . . . American history has largely become a plaything for canting ideologues . . . our times call for a correct ideological line, which at its increasingly popular extreme regards the Old South as a rehearsal for Nazi Germany and calls for the eradication of all traces of the conservative voices that have loomed so large in southern history . . . [There is a] step-by-step domination of departments of history in our southern as well as northern universities by those who regard what Richard Weaver aptly called the Southern Tradition and all its works as an evil past to be exorcised by all means, fair and foul. ~ Eugene D. Genovese (The Southern Front - History and Politics in the Cultural War, page 25.)

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