05 November 2013

Leftists Are Anti-Science

Ninety-percent of the time, "Morning Joe" is predominantly a rich, white, smug panel of elites who not only agree that government is good and conservatives are evil, but also agree that one another are wonderful. It is a velvet bubble within a bubbled bubble wrapped in satin. [Kinda like academia.] Every once in a while, though, a free-thinker gets through, which is what happened Thursday when the Washington Times' senior editor Emily Miller showed up to debate gun control.
You will want to pay special attention to 4:05 - 5:20 where Miller's calm, cool command of the facts makes Time's Mark Halperin look ridiculous:
Making Mark Halperin look ridiculous is not difficult, though Ms. Miller did do it with great skill. This is a clear illustration that the vast majority of those advocating more gun control have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. Utterly and embarrassingly stupid. The left's arguments (in just about every policy area) are, 99% of the time, based on emotion and not on reason, facts and logic.
. . . as Miller shows here, their arguments were and are anti-science, not based on facts, and cannot hold up to someone who knows what she is talking about. 

Video and quotes come from Breitbart.com.


ropelight said...

Mark Halperin disingenously tried to bully Emily Miller by catching her off-guard with an obviously silly argument even he doesn't support: if she could legally have a handgun why couldn't he have a bazooka or a machine gun...

Like that's supposed to be a reasonable question, and he instantly interrupted every time she tried to respond.

Emily Miller was invited on the show ostensibly to discuss her new book, but Halperin et al were there to discredit her, not with questions about the experiences she detailed, but with the sort of gotcha rhetorical questions bullying Leftist bushwhackers use to burnish their own gun control creds by ganging up to discredit a designated scapegoat.

That's the kind of smarmy aggressive mob mentality that passes for journalism on Leftist political shows.

Incidentlly, Mark Halperin comes from a well established leftist family tradition, his father, Morton Halperin, was involved in both the LBJ and Clinton Administrations. Halperin was an advocate for unilateral U.S. nuclear disarmament, as well as an end to all American clandestine activities, and he also proposed United Nations control over the deployment of U.S. military forces beyond our national borders.

Today, he's Senior Vice President at John Posesta's Center for American Progress, and Director of George Soros’ Open Society Policy Center.

Father and son are birds of a feather, and neither one should be accorded the benefit of any doubt.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yes, he thought he was cute. She stuffed it back down his throat. He did come off as an arrogant bully, didn't he?