09 January 2014

Augusta County (Virginia) Map - Same Age As Me

Upon a recent visit to the Augusta County Historical Society, I saw a beautiful map of Augusta County displayed on a wall. I expressed my appreciation for it to the lady who was assisting me and she asked me if I would like to buy one. Due to its quality and age, I had assumed it was rare and one of a kind. I was dumbfounded when she told me that around 50 copies had recently been discovered in a Lynchburg warehouse! Being a sucker for old maps, I bought two of them. The map was published in 1958 and it is an original. It is in pristine condition and absolutely beautiful. I had this one dry-mounted on foam board and then laminated with a satin finish. The other one I had laminated and use as a "working copy." 

The map details Colonial era roads and sites of interest in Augusta County. It measures 42" x 44". I've recorded a video of it, showing greater detail which I'll post at some point in the future. Jedediah Hotchkiss also drew some amazingly detailed maps of Augusta County's magisterial districts after the War Between the States. (Am I allowed to use that term?)

And, in somewhat related news, I spoke at the Lynchburg Civil War Roundtable last night to a good crowd. My topic was my latest book, Lexington, Virginia and the Civil War. More on that later as well.

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