11 January 2014

Encore Performance - This One Makes Me Cry

I posted Old Crow Medicine Show performing this before, but this one is live at the Grand Ole Opry and I like it even better.

Well I come from the valley, I'm a rebel boy.
Born on the banks of the Shenandoah.
In '61, I went to the war,
To win one for Virginia! 

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ropelight said...

Love the lyrics and the musicians are splendid spirited players, but somehow the tempo seems too upbeat for the story line, much too joyous a tune for the sad ending.

Ketch Secor said his version of the old song came from the story of VMI cadets fighting at New Market and contrasts their pride and valor on the 85 mile march from Lexington with the eventual shock, screams, and smoke of battle.

Sucor intended his listeners to be surprised by the harsh reality of mayhem and death just as the young cadets were unprepared to confront the horrors of combat.

...so I started off by extolling the virtue of war, then drawing off all that glory till the truth was revealed.