17 January 2014

John Hancock Admired Robert E. Lee & Stonewall Jackson

John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company that is. Note the position of universal respect and admiration Lee once held in our Nation's history. And despite the efforts of some (silly as they are), both Jackson and Lee continue to retain a place of honor and respect among many Americans. Happy Lee-Jackson Day from Old Virginia (via Boston, Mass.)

These particular ones aren't mine. These were on Ebay. I do, however, have the same ones; as well as additional copies on other great Americans in my own collection. Even yankees once recognized great men. ☺


ropelight said...

When it comes to human nature we get the good with the bad.

Brave and accomplished leaders easily recognize attributes in others they themselves possess, and which separate them from followers. These rare and valuable characteristics deserve nurturing, recognition, praise, and emulation. Great men can praise other great men, even fierce opponents, without diminishing themselves or their accomplishments.

Yet, men who can't find leadership qualities within themselves also seem to suffer a limited ability to identify greatness in others.

The most noisy and least accomplished among them too often besmirch themselves slinging mud at better men.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

"The most noisy and least accomplished among them too often besmirch themselves slinging mud at better men."

That is so true. Envy is at the root of much of what we hear these days.

D. Hill said...

Rick, I sent you a private e-mail with an image of my Hancock pamphlet collection in toto, that being two in number. One of those being based upon Benjamin Franklin brought to mind his being used in an example of sectional differences in Richard Weaver's The Southern Tradition At Bay. "Honesty is the best policy" is one of his more famous quotes, which sounds reasoned until you consider that honesty should be a foundational principle, not a policy to be utilized when prudent.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Doug!