07 January 2014

Looky What I Found - Old Douglas Southall Freeman Recordings

I bought these cassettes about 10 or 12 years ago and had forgotten about them. I recalled having them after mentioning Dr. Freeman in a recent post. I decided to look for them and found them tucked away in a drawer in my office. If memory serves me correctly, the gentleman I bought them from told me that he had the originals and that he acquired them just as WRNL (Richmond) was about to discard them in a trash can! Sounds rather hard to believe, but that is my recollection. Mine are supposed to be copies of the originals. The "yesterdayradio" website is no longer functional. If anyone is familiar with the original owner of the website, or knows how to get in touch with him, please let me know. At the time, he lived in Richmond. I would have to believe these recordings exist elsewhere, but just in case they don't, I'm having them professionally transferred to digital files.

The Appomattox recording is an absolutely fascinating piece of history. Hearing Freeman hold forth on that momentous occasion in his Virgina drawl is surreal. The quality is surprisingly very good - considering their age and the technology. I'm not sure what to do with these recordings - especially the Appomattox one. Should I share them now, or wait until the 150th of Appomattox? I searched in vain on the internet for information, or additional recordings. I've also contacted WRNL. Any suggestions?


D. Hill said...

I am JEALOUS. Hopefully you can digitize those Rick, I'd sure love to hear them. Far and away my favorite author, Freeman has taught me much about history, writing, and life itself.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hey Doug. Yes, they will be. I, too, love Freeman. The last of a breed, for sure.