04 January 2014

Someone Doesn't Know Their Flag History And I Can't "Bear" It

Well, it seems like some in the state that is known for it's status as a poster child for bankruptcy, failure and lunatic ideas is now wanting to ban the Mississippi state flag due to the presence of the Cross of St. Andrews. They might want to consider the fact that their own flag (or one very similar to it) was flown in sympathy to the Confederacy and that there were strong anti-Union sentiments among many Californians:
The population of the southern portion of the state at that time was composed principally of Mexicans and immigrants from Missouri and Arkansas. The country was thinly populated. Their occupation consisted in the raising of cattle and sheep. Nearly the entire population were in sympathy with the Southern Confederacy, and several months before the firing upon Fort Sumpter (sic) bear flags were waving in the breeze in Los Angeles and San Bernardino county. Los Angeles was so bitter against the government  that General Sumner stationed there three companies of cavalry. In his report he declared "there is more dissatis faction at that place than at any other in the state." Their Assemblyman, E. J. C. McKewan, was arrested in October, 1862, for uttering treasonable language and confined in Alcatraz . . . Another hotbed of secession was Snelling (k), Visalia and Merced. In Merced county Union men were very much in the minority and in every campaign P. D. Wiggington stumped the county speaking for the secession candidates. He was accompanied by Jim Wilson, who sang songs with violin accompaniment. Two of his favorite songs were "We'll Hang Abe Lincoln to a Tree" and "We'll Drive the Bloody Tyrant Lincoln From Our Dear Native Soil." The Merced Banner said (April 24, 1862) "the United States officers will go to any length to sustain their master, Abe Lincoln, whose cringing slaves they are."
Source: California Men and Events: Time 1769-1890 by George Henry Tinkham.

And, per Wikipedia:
At the outbreak of the Civil War, Southern California secession seemed possible; the populace was largely in favor of it, militias with secessionist sympathies had been formed, and Bear Flags, the banner of the Bear Flag Revolt, had been flown for several months by secessionists in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties.
Shall we now hear a call to change and/or ban the California flag?

Plantations in New York City, Confederate sympathizers in California . . . my oh my, what's next?


Blaine Hypes said...

Very Well Said Richard... Historic Information for Everyone to Learn!

Deltaboy said...

AMEN Abe was skeered Callie would leave the Union or it would result in the forming of 2 States like West Virginia and Virginia.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

DB - yes, Lincoln wanted to hold the Union together at all costs - including 700,000 lives.