11 January 2014

What Happened To Civil War Interactive?

Shortly after I started my blog, I was listed on Civil War Interactive's blog roll. It was an interesting site, giving weekly digests of various blog posts and other items of interest. I read often. Then, after a couple of years, my link was deleted - ostensibly, because of my "political posts." I was a bit surprised, due to the fact those posts were no more frequent than they were when I was first listed in their blog roll. I suspect, but can't prove, there were complaints or whining by those holding different perspectives. Fine. It's a free country (well, kinda).

So recently I discovered that my hit count average (though not setting any records) is twice what CWi's is. Hmmm . . . that's odd as they were once one of the "big hitters" when it comes to Civil War websites.

Nonetheless, I'd like to see them become "active" again, with or without me. Is their decreased traffic of their own doing (lack of new material), or due to a weakening interest in the Civil War?


13thBama said...

Not that I think I am among the norm, but once I started realizing the bias, I quit hitting Civil War websites and reading magazines related to it. While I agree that is not the best response, I had no other options.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hey Bama - I can relate. Not a lot of diversity of perspective, is there?

13thBama said...

No there isn't. Diversity is only an option when they feel they are not being heard. Once they get control then no one else's opinion is important. Our local TV channel shut down and it was partly because most realized their bias and quit watching.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yes, I suspect the same thing is going to happen to one of our local papers - if not both - very soon. I don't necessarily have a problem with "bias", as long as they're honest about it and admit it and quit the ridiculous pretense of objectivity.