26 February 2014

A Passionate History Lesson From Senator Rubio

Senator Tom Harkin just got back from Cuba and described it, almost, as utopia. The progressive politician sung the praises of their oppressive, communist system. Senator Marco Rubio, whose parents immigrated from Cuba in the '50's, was seething when he took to the Senate floor and offered a rebuttal. A Miami reporter described Rubio's speech on the Senate floor like this:
For 14 minutes and 16 seconds, Rubio gave the best oration of his political career, speaking largely off the top of his head and with only the barest of notes. Rubio sometimes dripped with sarcasm or simmered with indignation as he made the case to Congress that the United States needs to continue Cuba sanctions and punish Venezuela.
Remember this as you listen to Rubio's speech: Harkin is a progressive. Rubio is a conservative and traditionalist. There is a very large lesson here, though I doubt those who need it most will learn a thing.

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