16 February 2014

Academia & Unapproved Thinking

Update: Bama administrators apologize. Even academics can learn something every now and then. 

End of update.

An administrator at the University of Alabama removed the pro-life display of Bama Students for Life last week without notification, claiming that some students found the display “offensive.”
The thought police determined other things were not "offensive":
Bama Students for Life observed that the university permits other types of speech by other students and groups that others would find “offensive” or “graphic,” such as an ad for the UA Theatre & Dance program’s presentation of “Blood Wedding,” the poster for which states the event is “For Mature Audiences” and features bloodstained glass over a photo of a bride and groom. The group noted that a university art gallery depicted a student painting showing “male full frontal nudity,” and that other student organizations were permitted to display information about women’s health, safety issues, and the consequences of sex.
“This incident is yet another all-too-common example of university administrations attempting to silence speech with which they or others disagree,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, which honored Bama Students for Life as its 2014 Group of the Year. 
Hypocrites. Source.


13thBama said...

Roll Tide. Even Alabama is not immune to the fascism of telling others what to think. Prohibition. Smoking. Driving SUVs. What is next?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

But dope smoking is fine. Everything is upside down, that's for sure. Progress!