05 February 2014

Hating Our American Heritage

Students at a Colorado high school are accusing officials of rejecting an effort they waged to honor the U.S. with a special day devoted to celebrating American heritage. Parents and students spoke with conservative commentator Todd Starnes on condition of anonymity, telling him that their request for “‘Merica Monday,” an event during which they hoped to inspire fellow classmates to dress in red, white and blue was turned down by Fort Collins High School administrators over fears that some might be offended.

The students hoped the day could be integrated into next week’s Winter Spirit Week, but their dreams were reportedly dashed by school officials. “They said they didn’t want to offend anyone from other countries or immigrants. They just really did not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable,” a student council member told Starnes.
Wow. Students can't even celebrate American heritage in American schools now. Yet we continue to see academics and history bloggers cling to their straight-faced fantasies of "no such thing as political correctness" despite these types of things occurring almost daily. Their denial attests to their intellectually sheltered (or dishonest) life.

Self-loathing seems to be all the rage these days - particularly among educators.

Absolutely amazing.

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