20 February 2014

Lincoln Feud: Guelzo vs. Magness

Allen Guelzo of Gettysburg College is presently engaged in a willfully mendacious portrayal of my ongoing research into Abraham Lincoln’s Civil War era colonization programs. This is not a lightly proffered criticism, but it is one I make note of to differentiate it from the honest interpretive disagreements that historians often have when considering a controversial subject, and to call attention to a breach of professional ethics in Guelzo’s characterizations of my work.
Read the latest on the dust up here. Would you say that Dr. Magness scored a knock out? And in a somewhat related post, Brooks Simpson asks, Are Academics Their Own Worst Enemies? 

Uh, yeah . . . pretty much.

(Hat tip to an anonymous reader for alerting me to the Guelzo/Magness spat.)


ropelight said...

Magness and Page are correct, there's more than enough evidence in the historical record to say with confidence that Lincoln was actively engaged in promoting black colonization both before and after the Emancipation Proclamation.

However, Guelzo is also correct in the narrow sense that no original record bearing Lincoln's signature survives (copies survive) to prove his ongoing support for voluntary out-migration and colonization. Guelzo doesn't come right out foursquare for the Lullaby Thesis but he dances to the same tune.

Additionally, Guelzo writes beautifully.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

"Additionally, Guelzo writes beautifully."

He most certainly does. Thanks for the comment.