17 March 2014

Is Academia's War Against Free Speech Escalating?

Students across the country are already having their first amendment rights restricted to free speech zones on campus, but they are not even safe to speak freely in those spaces anymore.
Is this the next step in a disturbing trend? One academic has already suggested criminalizing certain views which oppose "accepted" views in Civil War historiography. So much for academia being the center of free-thinking. You're free to think and say whatever you please - as long as it agrees with the control freaks' perspectives. Will we see more violence directed against those with views opposing what students' academic masters dictate? Let's hope not.


ropelight said...

Will we see more violence directed against those with views opposing what students' academic masters dictate?

We certainly will if the likes of Professor Lawrence Torcello gets his way. The Professor of Philosophy at the Rochester Institute of Technology wants to criminalize questioning of the so-called "science" of global warming.

He's called for criminal sanctions against of those who disagree that climate change is caused by human activity.

Torcello accuses unidentified malignant individuals, of funding a campaign of misinformation about climate change and wants to shut them up with charges of criminal negligence.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Contrast these documented incidents with some of the drama queen-like screeches you hear certain CW bloggers accuse the wacky element of the Southern Heritage crowd of. I think they're simply attempting to distract attention away from their own ranks.

ropelight said...

I agree, the screechers insist that slavery alone caused the war so they can pretend the North was justified in waging a war of aggression against the Confederacy, they claim slavery was only reason the Confederate states withdrew from the Union.

Screechers can't explain why Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina declined to join the Confederacy till after Lincoln called for an invasion army because the facts don't fit their prejudices.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

'the facts don't fit their prejudices."

But they claim they don't have any. They're all just objective scholars don't you know?