25 March 2014

University Professor Charged With Assault

The University of California-Santa Barbara professor who allegedly assaulted a pro-life student on campus has been charged with criminal battery.
The kid this member of academia assaulted was 16 years old. Wow. Two areas of the professor's "research emphasis" are "pornography and sex work." Perfect.

And so goes the wacky world of academia. 

Story here.


ropelight said...

I'm somewhat familiar with UCSB, or was 30 years ago, so I took an interest in this unhappy incident. The headlines screamed outrage, a 16 year old pro-life girl mugged on campus by a small but arrogant mob of feminist thugs aroused, instigated, and led by a tenured faculty member, and, in the Free Speech Area no less.

But the rather mild action seen in the video doesn't live up to the incendiary headline's promise. Every printed word might be true but the visual record leaves the decidedly unsatisfactory impression the DA overcharged the crime.

Certainly, Associate (indicates tenure) Professor Miller-Young wantonly overstepped the bounds of civility, morality, ethics, and the laws against intimidation and assault. She's guilty of pushing the young girl around and of taking the sign which are both illegal and dead wrong, but neither is the stuff of assault and criminal battery.

The girl's physical injuries weren't extensive, they amounted to about what you'd expect in a brief and minor scuffle. The real injury was to the concept of free and unfettered expression, something once universally held dear in the ranks of academia, it's at the very core of the institution's reasons to exist.

That crime, the real crime, won't be addressed by civil authorities, it'll be up to UCSB's Faculty Senate to deal with Ms Miller-Young, or not. Time will tell if the school's academic leaders hold hallowed concepts in high esteem or cowardly yield to the shrills and catcalls of one of today's noisiest and most privileged victim classes.

PS: A quick look at AP Miller-Young's academic record shows a decided lack of accomplishments which would qualify her for an academic appointment at any University of California campus. Perhaps the journalists confused Assistant (not tenured but on the tenured track) with the tenured title of Associate Professor and awarded her an honor she hadn't earned.

Miller-Young might meet the requirements for for a 1 year teaching contract, or for temporary employment at a community college, but her professional record is so thin and so undistinguished her unwarranted presence on campus might indicate the UCSB's standards have already been so eroded the center no longer holds.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Rope. There were photos somewhere of the young person's arm showing bruising from the incident. 40 or 50 years ago in my world, no big deal. But these same types have so drama-queened everything in our culture, i.e., "everything is a crisis and everything is offensive" - its time they got a taste of their own medicine.