23 April 2014

Academia Gone Wild

WARNING - There's cussin' in this video.

"Feel kinship with your fellow mammals"? Okey dokey. Hard to feel much kinship when I'm grillin' steaks. Whatever. 

By the way, as a former Darwinist/agnostic, evolution, as modern Darwinists view it, is a lie.


ropelight said...

Something's wrong here, that scruffy lookin' fella in the blue shirt ain't right, his emotions are rubbed raw. From the way he's misbehaving maybe could be he is recently arrived from the lower orders.

The noisy professor is beside himself aggressively throwin' his weight around, gesturing emphatically and shouting so much he's just not psychologically suited to face-up to the civilized requirements of sorting out divergent facts from conventional dogmas.

Either that, or he's liquored-up.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

"Professing themselves to be wise . . ."

ropelight said...

The video made FOX NEWS this morning, and the odious UConn professor of Anthropology is now defending himself claiming his aggressively rude and threatening behavior is protected freedom of speech, which is exactly what the two-faced hypocrite was caught on tape attempting to deny to others.

Talk about your hollow men, sheesh!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Of course. Academia's claim to be the guardians of free speech is laughable. It's the biggest conformist group in the United States.