06 April 2014

Another Ivory Tower Gets Nailed For Suppressing Free Speech

This is becoming almost daily fare now. 
Oregon State University, disdaining responsibility for trashing distribution boxes that were intended for a politically conservative student newspaper, has still paid $1,000 plus $100,000 in legal fees after a former student, William Rogers, filed suit against them.
The lawsuit, filed in 2009 by supporters of the newspaper The Liberty, contended that the university president and other school officials permitted the official campus newspaper access to distribution bins, but school officials removed the bins for The Liberty. The suit alleged that school officials confiscated distribution bins for The Liberty and tossed them onto a trash heap. The bins, which contained copies of the paper, were allegedly removed without notice and thrown next to a dumpster.
After the dumpster, they go to landfills or are burned. Remind you of anything? Evidently, they are unable to compete in the marketplace of ideas, so they simply want to do away with any disagreement. Conform, conform, conform.

Left-wing Academia = Mind Control & Indoctrination. Beyond that, aren't these colleges and universities wasting valuable (and increasingly scarce) resources defending themselves in court and paying these damages? Not real smart if you ask me.

Story here.

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