21 April 2014

Former Washington & Lee Law Student With A Different Take

Nathan Jensen, who is a fairly recent graduate of Washington & Lee's School of Law, penned a rebuttal to some of the demands being made in regards to Lee Chapel specifically, and to W&L generally. His editorial appeared in yesterday's Roanoke Times. Mr. Jensen introduces his piece, which is titled The authenticity of flawed heroes, with this: 
. . . I know that our community is eager to give a counterpoint to misunderstandings and misrepresentations.
He begins the rebuttal by writing:
I need to explain why there is no evil to sanitize and no "whitewashing" to undo. W&L embraces Martin Luther King and prioritizes diversity.
But we also unapologetically exalt the virtues of our namesakes, whose legacy forms our highest law: honor.
And continues with this:
The Committee demands that W&L fully recognize MLK Day by canceling classes. Yes, students attend class on MLK Day. They also attend class on Memorial Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day and President's Day. They attend class on MLK Day because they don't take off federal holidays - not because of bigotry or anything remotely cousin to institutionalized prejudice. The Committee insists that MLK Day be the one and only federal holiday when classes aren't held during the regular school year. King was a great man, but his memory does not subordinate the legacies of America's veterans, Founding Fathers and fallen soldiers.
For another perspective and one that succinctly explains why heroes with flaws are, nonetheless, heroes, I recommend reading Mr. Jensen's piece in its entirety here.

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Anonymous said...

My hat is off to mister Jensen Lee was and still is the very picture of HONOR! and the school is a private school is it not so these people who started this movement should just shut up and accept the what is there , it was there long before they came and I believe it will be there after they are gone, just my thoughts,..............