28 April 2014

Readin' & Writin' Stuff

I hope to post a review of David Johnson's biography of John Randolph , which I recently finished reading, soon. I'm now reading a fascinating biography of my great x 9 grandfather, Roger Williams. I'll post a review of that book at some point as well. What strikes me as absolutely amazing about both these books--totally unrelated--is the political debates and how closely they mirror, in so many ways, the same issues and topics that are being debated today. It is quite astonishing.

As soon as I finish the Williams biography, I'm going to take up something a bit lighter: Joe Bageant's Rainbow Pie - A Redneck Memoir. The late Joe Bageant was a progressive, but his insights regarding rural Southerners are worth examining.

And, in between all this, work continues on the Battle of Waynesboro book. I hope to have the first draft off to the publisher by the end of May.


E.J. DAgrosa said...

Wow! So your roots run really far back in American history. Roger Williams was a fascinating figure in our history-a man who stood against the Puritans(who came to the "new world" seeking refuge from religious persecution, then quickly became the persecutors) and who, ironically have a lot in common with modern liberals I think, though I doubt that most modern liberals would want to admit that!

I recently read a biography of Charles Carroll which was very interesting. Now I am reading about the conservative intellectual movement in America.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hey EJ. I only recently discovered I was a direct descendant of Roger Williams - thanks to fellow Virginian and blogger, Robert Moore. That side of my family was estranged from our close family. It's complicated, though I've since "reconnected" through a second cousin.+

"ironically have a lot in common with modern liberals"

Indeed they do. Thanks for stopping by!