30 April 2014

Taking On The Haters

I've argued for years that the "blame America first" attitude and incessant self-flogging embraced by many in academia is a progressive (adjective, not noun) phenomenon. Its very foundations guarantee the progressive nature of this mindset. In other words, the perspective that America is a "predatory colonial power" and only became great by exploitation and oppression and that our founders were evil European racists and bigots has consequences - consequences manifested in demands which range from removing Confederate monuments and symbols throughout the South to destroying Mount Rushmore - if the first demand has legitimacy, so does the other. The logical conclusion of this perspective would be actions similar to the destruction of 1700 year old Buddhas in Afghanistan. Now someone is challenging that perspective in film.

Coming soon: What neo-Confederates (real ones), some libertarians and progressive historians all have in common.  I'm sure it will make folks on all sides upset. Good. Should be a real barn burner. Stay tuned.

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