11 April 2014

Why Doesn't Academia Find This Offensive?

Spanish Inquisition

The other day, I commented rather tongue- in-cheek, that news on colleges and universities being sued for religious discrimination and for suppressing freedom of expression was "becoming almost daily fare now." Actually, that statement is becoming reality. Now comes this recent news:
A federal court has ordered the University of North Carolina-Wilmington to promote a Christian professor and reimburse him for back pay after a jury found that the university wrongfully denied him a promotion because of his Christian beliefs.
The evidence that academia's claims of being the nation's guardians of diversity and freedom is a myth has become overwhelming. The claim is a joke. Institutionally, they're phonies. The recent dust up over Glenn McConnell becoming president of Charleston College is just another example of certain corners of academia demanding conformity in opinions and worldviews. Regarding the UNC suit:
“They concluded that the University of North Carolina-Wilmington retaliated against Dr Adams by denying him a promotion in 2006 and they retaliated against him because they did not like the views he expressed in his books and columns and speeches,” Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) attorney Travis Barham explained to reporters following the verdict. “Basically, they didn’t like what he said in his own time.”
It's interesting to point out that UNC "did not like the views he expressed in his books." Wow. Sounds eerily familiar to some of the criticism being directed at Glenn McConnell.

Notice the common thread: a college destroying printed material, others wanting to know what books a potential college president reads or sells, and now being discriminated against for "views expressed" in books.

It appears we are in the midst of what amounts to a modern inquisition. And academia has taken upon the responsibility of eliminating all heresy. It has, in many cases, become the Grand Inquisitor.

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