29 April 2014

Zero Tolerance For Common Sense By The Education Establishment

Yet another example of government overreach. Education "experts" present themselves as real jack-asses in this latest episode.

The biggest problem is not the zero tolerance aspect of all this (though that too is ridiculous and only meant to save the school district's fannies from lawsuits, i.e. - treat EVERY case exactly the same - thank you legal profession), but the fact that so many are accepting the absurd premise that there is something evil or dangerous about carrying a pocket-knife. It's absurd on its face. THAT is what should be changed.

As a kid growing up in the '60's and '70's, every boy in school carried a pocket knife. There was NEVER any serious incident. We even took them out and played
mumbletypeg during lunch break. The culture has changed and though we've made improvements in some areas, we've definitely regressed in others.

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