23 May 2014

Academic Historian Reveals Why He Helped Write Common Core

At least he's honest. The flat-earthers will continue to deny that the educational establishment has been thoroughly and completely politicized with progressive ideology. It's not really about education (or history), it's about social justice.

Ironically, the $28,535 per year Derryfield School that Dr. Pook teaches at considers the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) inferior and does not use them on the student body that is 91% white.
Well of course. Source. Thank God there are brave and competent teachers who have been on the front line and are battling the corruption. Actually, it's not just about social justice, it's also about money - lots of it.


ropelight said...

Of course the better schools don't use goofy standards, if they did their students would end up as rudderless, bored and poorly informed as all the mind-numbed drones warehoused in public schools and bombarded with the ever changing idiot nostrums temporarily fashionable among liberal elites and unionized educrats.

The one-size-fits-all CC was devised to provide cover for a failing government-mandated educational system by eliminating opportunities for bright and energetic individuals to excel. Damping down the top and propping up the bottom leaves a broad shallow middle which can be passed off as good enough for government work.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

And many elites (including pols and academics)send their children to the exclusive, expensive schools where they are protected from the "underclass" and an inferior education. As I so often say, they have zero credibility - except in their own, narcissistic minds.