24 May 2014

Are You A Virginian? Tell Your Story


Anonymous said...

My antique computer won't allow me to have sound, so I haven't bothered to figure out why I don't get videos either, so I can't see the posted video.

However, I do have a comment. When we moved, our real estate agent gave us a book called, "The Virginia Way." In it, the author said that Virginians do not like to be first. They let others try things first, and see how it works, before doing it themselves. The example was about a very large VA governor and the new elevator in the Capitol, or something like that.

With that in mind, when my daughter was young, we were going down a narrow driveway at the private recreation center while another car was coming up rather fast, so I had to wait at the top of the hill. She said, "Mama! Mama! They must not be Virginians! They did not let you go first!"

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thank you for the compliment. ;-)

That's part of the reason we didn't secede first - just not mannerly.