19 May 2014

Is The Education Establishment "Anti-Boy"?

I believe so.


ropelight said...

To indicate just how deep the problem goes, consider that even Hoff-Sommers herself identifies the problem in terms of male underachievement, a label that puts the onus on the boys - they just don't measure up to the standards set by a system that's stacked against them.

Grade school boys may not be able to articulate their growing disillusionment with stilted classroom instruction, but they feel the unfairness of it, they see female teachers consistently favor girls at the expense of boys' interests. They resent it, and they demonstrate their resentment with boredom, cynicism, indifference, and eventually withdrawal.

Add the mind-numbing stupidity of fast changing educational fads, like Common Core, and Zero Tolerance (mentioned), and you've got a prescription sure to stifle the interest of boys and encourage them to tune-out if they don't go ahead and weed themselves out.

Can we really be surprised that boys skip "higher education" in droves, or that the cost of college rises in inverse proportion to the decline in value of a diploma, or that displays of bigotry and intolerance by professors and students alike are so often in the news?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

No, we should not be surprised. "Boys are treated like defective girls." Boy (no pun intended), does that ever hit the nail on the head!

Conform, conform, conform. It's laughable to listen to the education establishment pontificate about "diversity" when they want the exact opposite. Amazing, and disturbing.