15 May 2014

The Revolution In Higher Education

Is well underway and homeschooling has been a big part of that revolution. But the next senator from Nebraska gives additional insight into this game-changing development. Ben Sasse quotes Wall Street Journal research which predicts that half of all small colleges (1700) will cease to exist in the next decade. Economic realities have much to do with this, but the e-Revolution in learning is also a big part of this, as well as the fact a college education's value has been greatly diluted in recent decades. Except for fields like medicine, law, engineering, etc - the fields where advanced degrees are really necessary are shrinking, not growing (I recognize the caveat of employers using a bachelor's degree as a gate-keeper, but economic and other realities will ultimately change that as well). Add the politicization of the classroom to the mix and more parents are questioning the value of a college degree, not to mention the crushing debt that often comes with it. There are easier and much more efficient ways to learn - and without the indoctrination. 

This TED video is worth watching. I believe this guy is the real deal and I suspect we'll be hearing a lot more from Senator Sasse.

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