10 June 2014

Professor Dave Brat Makes History In Virginia

A Majority Leader loses in a primary election for the first time in American history since 1899. Now Mr. Cantor, go home and live under the laws you helped create. Good riddance.
"We're absolutely stunned. Honestly, we really can't believe it," said the aide, who likened it to the 2004 election defeat of Tom Daschle of South Dakota, who was Senate minority leader at the time.
Cantor spent over $5 million to Brat's $200,000. Quite a stunning upset.


Anonymous said...

I thank God for the good people of Virginia who voted Mr. Cantor out of office. Voting against any man who stands for Tyrrany and Evil like Cantor is Right and Just. No Goverment Party should have your allegiance. I pray that the rest of our country will follow your example Virginia, so that we can bring Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Dignity back to our Congress and system of Government.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Tyranny and evil may be a bit strong for Cantor. He simply became intoxicated by Washington power and politics and became more beholden to K Street and the Chamber of Commerce than he was to his constituents and the principles he claimed to embrace.

He truly did lose touch with what governing is all about. Again, good riddance.

ropelight said...

Eric Cantor was once a strong conservative voice, the hope of a generation. I was a big fan, he was an impressive newcomer with a bright future. Unfortunately he lost his way in Washington, joined the GOP establishment, became a leader of his party, and eventually broke faith with his constituents.

7th district voters refused to return him to office because they couldn't trust him. He'd turned his back on them, tried to get by with double talk and pretense. Cantor abandoned his fight for conservative ideals and became another comfortable professional politician. As the voters of his district watched it happen, they lost confidence in him. So they turned him out. He deserved no less.

The lesson here is a harsh one, and the ambitious GOP politician who learns it well will have an opportunity to prosper, while complacent incumbents who ignore it will quickly be wondering what hit them: The two major political parties operate under completely different standards. Democrats can lie to their base voters (it's forgiven if it's expedient) and the media will make excuses and provide cover for them. The same formula doesn't apply to Republicans, they don't get a pass from the media or from the voters, lose the confidence of your constituents and lose elected office, it's just that simple.

I wish Eric Cantor well, he's a young, strong, intelligent Virginian, and if he can learn from his failures he may yet serve
the state and the nation with honor and distinction.

13thBama said...

It looks like Virginia is waking up. I moved from the state once I saw McAuliffe voted into office. It wasn't THE deciding factor, but it was one of the larger reasons.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Good synopsis RL. 13B - I hear you. But VA has been a two party state for decades - nothing really new. VA is actually a red state (central, western and southwest) state within a blue state (the "Golden Crescent")

My roots are too deep to move, though I find West VA quite tempting.

Chaps said...

McAuliffe's margin of victory in Fairfax County was greater than his overall margin. In other words, he won Fairfax County and lost the rest of the Commonwealth.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Good point Chaps. Moreover, Cuccinnelli ran a terrible campaign, with no help from the national party and still only lost by a few points. And the AG race went to a recount. Republicans control both houses (as of today due to a resignation). That hardly makes a mandate or a "blue state."

D. Hill said...

Pray that it wasn't the result of Democrats participating in an open primary as some are speculating. That would help explain a stunning result, and Pelosi reportedly threw a party Tuesday night to celebrate the outcome. As we know Dems and dirty tactics go hand in hand.

13thBama, McAullife's victory was the bitterest pill I've had to swallow at the state level, rivaling Hussein's two national victories. May Brat's victory truly be a sign of an unhappy waking giant.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Doug - As noted, VA has long been a two party state. Yes, I know things are quite different than 20 years ago, but, again, look at how very slim the Dem margin was and the fact Republicans still control the legislature. Frankly, the whole country is going down the tubes, but don't despair - we've read the last chapter. ;-)

Also, Cantor's district has a solid conservative voting record: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virginia%27s_7th_congressional_district

I doubt the crossovers could have made that much difference. I've been following Brat's challenge very closely this year and had a feeling all along this was a real possibility. I actually was not all that surprised, except by the margin. I even sent him a donation. Regarding Pelosi, despite her power, she's honestly one of the stupidest people in Congress. Brat will give her far more heartburn than did Cantor.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

BTW, just read this regarding lessons from Brat's victory. So true:

"Dave Brat's stunning victory on Tuesday caused widespread panic among those who make their living on Wall Street and the special-interest lobbyists on K Street, but it created an opportunity for the Republican Party to embrace a policy agenda that works for Main Street. A conservative policy agenda is not built on obstruction, but it does rely on disrupting a Washington ruling class that tends to work for itself and its well-connected friends instead of hardworking Americans. As the status quo continues to dissolve, conservatives will be further emboldened to lead the charge for positive reform and bold ideas that can inspire and unite the country."

This "agenda" is populist and SHOULD be something both Democrats and Republicans could unite on. TRUE conservatives, like many Democrats, oppose crony capitalism and special corporate "deals" given by government which small, independent businesses and individuals cannot get. It's a galvanizing issue and Brat may be the one to best articulate it.