30 July 2014

Confederate Flags In Lee Chapel Prior To 1930?

I scanned this image from one of my favorite Lee (mini) biographies: General Robert E. Lee After Appomattox. It is a must read in order to understand Lee's legacy in regards to W&L. Mine is an original copy published in 1930. I'm not sure about the exact date of the photo, as there are no attributions. However, my copy was a re-issue of the 1922 edition. While it is possible this image was added with the 1930 edition, it is also possible it was in the 1922 edition. Perhaps the flags were placed there the same time the UDC (1930) placed the flags upstairs in Lee Chapel.Then again, given the time required to write and print and publish a book in 1930, they may well have been placed in the family crypt prior to the year the book was published - even going back to the original 1922 publication date . They were obviously placed after 1918 as Mary Custis Lee's crypt is pictured in the image. I'm sure there is still a copy of the 1922 edition somewhere, which would answer the question.

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BorderRuffian said...

Confederate Flags before 1930

"With love and best wishes the Hollywood Memorial Association sent today two battle flags, one for the Lee Chapel, the other for the grave of General Jackson, to be used as the chapter thinks best."

-from letter of Janet H. Randolph, President of Hollywood Memorial Association, to Miss Larrick, President of Mary Custis Lee Chapter, UDC, May 24, 1926.

Richmond Times Dispatch, June 9, 1926.