01 July 2014

History Teachers "Shocked & Dismayed"

Now that the 2013 – 2014 school year is in their rearview mirrors, thousands of AP US History teachers are focusing for the first time on the College Board’s new “redesigned” APUSH Framework. Many teachers are shocked and dismayed by what they are discovering. A number of teachers have written us letters expressing their concerns about the new Framework. . . . “Balance” has disappeared. Students will learn a great deal about American oppressors and exploiters but little about the dreamers, innovators, and heroes who built our country.
So what's to be so shocked about? This simply reflects much of academia's perspective, as I've been cataloging for several years now--and they've been denying. As Richard Weaver once wrote, "ideas have consequences." The "enemies of American Exceptionalism" offered their ideas, academia embraced them and now there are consequences. Story here. More "anecdotal" evidence I suppose?

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