25 July 2014

Understanding The Perspectives Of Modern Historians

A broad brush, no doubt, but the overall point is not debatable, though I would welcome the attempt. This overall point can be found in a recent article titled, Ten Reasons Why I Am No Longer A Leftist written by Professor Danusha V. Goska:
We rushed to cast everyone in one of three roles: victim, victimizer, or champion of the oppressed.
Is that not a laser sharp, to the point analysis of many (if not most) academic historians?

And . . .

Prof. X went on to say that he was wary of accepting a position on this lowly commuter campus, with its working-class student body. . . . Leftists freely label poor whites as "redneck," "white trash," "trailer trash," and "hillbilly." . . . President Bill Clinton's advisor James Carville succinctly summed up leftist contempt for poor whites in his memorable quote, "Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you'll find."
Ah yes, can't have trailer-trash, non-academics and those who have ancestral connections to American history participating in the study and adding their perspective. Such is the attitude of the bigoted intellectual supremacists who look down on the rest of the great unwashed as little more than human debris which must be mocked, made fun of, disrespected and, if necessary, jailed - even for having a different perspective. Just shut-up and get in line you working-class hillbilly. But pass the Grey Poupon first.

But they do want you to buy their publications and attend their bore-you-out-of-your-freakin'-mind seminars and conferences where the greatest intellectual challenge will be to stay awake while all the "presenters" read from the same script. Oh, and they'll want you to sit in the back of the room. But don't protest, you'll be glad you did. It's easier to sleep back there.

And . . .

Hang out in leftist internet environments, and you will discover a toxic bath of irrational hatred for the Judeo-Christian tradition. You will discover an alternate vocabulary in which Jesus is a "dead Jew on a stick" or a "zombie" and any belief is an arbitrary sham, the equivalent of a recently invented "flying spaghetti monster." You will discover historical revisionism that posits Nazism as a Christian denomination. You will discover a rejection of the Judeo-Christian foundation of Western Civilization and American concepts of individual rights and law. You will discover a nihilist void, the kind of vacuum of meaning that nature abhors and that, all too often, history fills with the worst totalitarian nightmares, the rough beast that slouches toward Bethlehem.
Leftist historians in a nut (no pun intended) shell. Is there not a detectable, in-your-face sneering at America's (and Western civilization's) Judeo-Christian foundings prominent in many academic history blogs and writings i.e., "leftist internet environments"? You know there is. Just more bigotry and agenda-driven "scholarship."

And . . .

My students do know -- because they have been taught this -- that America is run by all-powerful racists who will never let them win. My students know -- because they have been drilled in this -- that the only way they can get ahead is to locate and cultivate those few white liberals who will pity them and scatter crumbs on their supplicant, bowed heads and into their outstretched palms. My students have learned to focus on the worst thing that ever happened to them, assume that it happened because America is unjust, and to recite that story, dirge-like, to whomever is in charge, from the welfare board to college professors, and to await receipt of largesse.

All this is why American traditions--and anything that symbolizes them--must be torn down and scrubbed from the landscape, our schools and from the national conversation. Patriotism is nothing but jingoism and if you honor your American heritage, you're guilty of

You can read the complete article here at the American Thinker.

And in a somewhat related topic:
"There is no other institution in our society that guarantees fairness and due process more than colleges and universities ..." When I read this line to my classes, they erupted in laughter. ~ Professor Mike Adams
And when reading academic history blogs about claims of fairness and objectivity, I often have the same reaction.

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