29 July 2014

Washington & Lee University's New Dress Code?

Update #2: Kevin Levin has edited the post referred to below and removed his apology. It originally read: "My apologies to the SCV and the Virginia Flaggers." I'm sure Levin thinks no one noticed. Wrong. Maybe he should apologize for his apology? This is "incredibly entertaining."

Update: Within minutes of this post going up, Kevin Levin posted an apology at Civil War Memory. That is commendable. An apology is the appropriate course of action and is, in my humble opinion, a more honorable course of action than simply deleting the post. Perhaps all this exposure to General Lee is having some positive affects.

Allegedly from W & L:
According to our Office of Public Safety, our officers reported four occasions when they interacted with individuals who were participating in the July 26 rally sponsored by the Sons of Confederate Veterans in downtown Lexington. . . . In each instance, the officers requested individuals not to carry Confederate flags or to wear attire with Confederate emblems on the campus. The individuals all complied with these requests.
Four occasions, not just one. Maybe there is more to this story than others are wishfully proclaiming?

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