09 August 2014

A Surprise In My Next Book

Yesterday, I received the proof pages for my book about The Battle of Waynesboro which is to be published by The History Press. I'll be going through those this weekend before sending everything back to the publisher. Barring any snags, the book is to be released on September 30th. I have included a surprise in the book - an essay which will appear as an appendix - written by Dr. Anita Henderson. Dr. Henderson is a medical doctor living in Maryland who also is quite active participating in living history events and interpretations. We've become acquainted since she contacted me last year about some research she'd done regarding the possibility that there was a "woman of color" disguised as a Union soldier who participated in the BoW. Admittedly, the evidence she has is very narrow. However, it does appear to be credible. I won't give away any more. You'll have to get the book.

Dr. Henderson is quite an interesting lady and will bring a unique perspective to the book. Here's a little of her background:
Dr. Henderson is a functional mounted cavalry bugler with the 13th VA Cavalry, Co. H., Light Sussex Dragoons which had two documented black confederates who were duly mustered in. She recently was Chief Confederate Bugler of the 150th Blue-Gray Alliance Gettysburg Reenactment in June 2013.  She also has a civilian impression and is a long time member of the Atlantic Guard Soldiers’ Aid Society, one of the most authentic civilian living history groups in the United States. She does an impression of a house slave or free black woman who is a cook and demonstrates open fire and hearth cooking using 19th century recipes and implements.
Henderson has participated in living history interpretations and reenactments all over the east coast and southern US. She has participated in a variety of historical documentary and Hollywood films. She was a background artist in the Civil War films “Wicked Spring”, “No Retreat From Destiny” and “Gods and Generals.”  In addition to interpreting the Civil War, she is an avid genealogist and is descended from the Egglestons of Virginia and Mississippi.  She is currently working on the family history with distant white cousins who are also avid Civil War scholars and genealogists. Dr. Henderson lives in rural western Howard County where she enjoys riding her pony “Fuzzy”, gardening, writing and milking her goat “Butter.”
You can pre-order the book at Amazon here

**And a special heads up to Kevin Levin - the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities refers to the Civil War as, (Oh my gosh!) The War Between the States!


Kevin Levin said...

Oh really. http://virginiahumanities.org/?s=the+civil+war

Anyway, congratulations on the publication of your upcoming book. I know how much you love local Civil War history and I am sure it's a good read.


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hello Kevin. Thank you.

Well, like me, they apparently use both. I'm not particularly hung up on either as some folks are. As I've opined before (agreeing with Douglas Southall Freeman), the most accurate term would be "The War for Southern Independence."

Hope your school year is a productive one.