27 August 2014

Connecting World History & Current Events

Listen to an interesting discussion on this topic here:

HSLDA | Step Into A Larger World: An Interview with David Aikman

Pull quote from the above interview with Patrick Henry College Professor, Dr. David Aikman:
China is a country that is discovering that Christianity is actually a rather good way of running a country. I have had several books that have quoted conversations from my book, Jesus in Beijing. In particular, one conversation where a member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is saying, “We wanted to discover why the West was so successful. We thought it was economics, we thought it was democracy, we thought it was military technology, but then we realized that the core of the success of the West was Christianity, because the Christian spirit has enabled the development of science, the faith and exploration and so forth.” So, knowing what made America great is a good way of seeing how the Chinese are beginning to look at their own society.  

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