17 August 2014

Metal Detecting Post #112 - 1864 Indian Head

The longer I relic hunt, the more I realize how important research is. My hunting partner recently discovered an old road bed in central Virginia which saw a lot of Civil War traffic. It was also a road dating to colonial days. Last week, we did a recon hunt there but just had a couple of hours. After hunting the road bed for a while, but not finding anything of interest, I wandered off to the side and soon found a 19th century brass candlestick holder. Within the same 5 foot area I also found what I think is a gun tool (will post pics after cleaned) some iron scissor handles, and a period civilian button. Very close by, my partner found some iron kettle pieces. Then, about 30 feet from where I found these items, I found this 1864 Indian Head and another coin (appears to be copper, but badly corroded ). I'm thinking we may have stumbled upon a camp (either civilian or military) or, at the very least, an old home site. But by then it was getting hot, the ground was very dry and hard so we packed it in with plans to go back in the fall. 

What's amazing is the number of cars that speed past this site every day, not knowing the history that lies just 100 feet from the current road. 

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