28 August 2014

My Newest History Toy

Those familiar with this blog are aware of my passion for relic hunting and amateur archeology. It is a fascinating, hands on dimension of history. I've been interested in artifacts and archeology since I was a young boy, but only became a serious relic hunter about five years ago. Since that time, I've owned several brands of metal detectors and currently own a total of four machines. By Friday, that number will be five. While I've always made an effort to purchase American made equipment for this very serious hobby of mine, I could not help but be intrigued by a French manufacturer I started hearing about two years ago. About three years ago, they announced a new model of metal detector that was revolutionary in regards to technology and design. Of course, manufacturers make these claims with every new model, but there really was something quite different about the XP Deus - it is totally wireless. And that's just one aspect of the revolutionary design. Going into much more detail than that will just bore most folks, but the technology innovations with this new machine are truly cutting edge. There's nothing else out there like it or anything that even comes close.

So I watched to see how the reviews would come in and to see if it was, as I suspected, simply "all sizzle and no steak." Then I began to notice a number of experienced relic hunters begin to sing the new machine's praises. They were leaving their tested and reliable models and switching to the XP Deus in increasing numbers. I watched and listened more until, finally, about two weeks ago, I became convinced that this truly cutting edge machine was worth the investment. Yesterday, I took the plunge and negotiated a super deal on a unit which I should have by Friday - just in time to give it a test drive over the weekend.

I've agreed to write a review for the machine once I give it a thorough testing. I have high hopes.

For those more curious, here's the "sizzle":

The innovative design of DEUS is based on three elements communicating via a digital radio link. In this new design the coil, remote control and audio headphones have each been made independent through the integration of very compact, high-capacity lithium batteries.

An ultra-miniature electronic circuit, incorporated in the search coil, digitizes and analyzes the signals. Data is then sent to the headphones and remote control in real time via the digital radio link. With this method, the signal is processed at source and not conveyed via a wire link, which greatly improves data quality.

Incorporating components from leading-edge technologies such as scientific instrumentation has enabled us to produce a powerful, rapid, lightweight, compact and fully controllable digital detector.

If you are an experienced user or a beginner, DEUS lets you decide whether or not to modify any of its settings. Powerful pre-configured factory programs enable all users to get started immediately, while expert detectorists can choose more advanced parameters via the intuitive interface.

The 'Remote Control' is in fact the user interface, known as the 'control box' on conventional detectors. It enables the detector's many functions to be precisely adjusted via a graphical interface. It can also receive program updates (via internet) through its USB socket.

DEUS is also exceptional in being able to function without the remote control, with the ability to use just the coil and the wireless headphones, for an even more compact, lightweight configuration (just 2 lbs.)!

Like the remote control, the headphones contain all the components needed for detection — they are a genuine control unit in themselves, but on an ultra-miniature scale. They take over in the absence of the remote control for adjusting the detector settings.

With the headphones you can turn DEUS on and off, change the main detection settings such as sensitivity, discrimination, ground balance, tone, frequency (4 kHz, 8 kHz, 12 kHz, 18 kHz), volume, etc. as well as select the factory programs or those previously configured with the remote control! Performance is identical whether you are searching with or without the remote control!

Lastly, the XP stem has the combined advantages of an S-shaped stem and a straight telescopic stem. It enables you to deploy or fold away the device in just a few seconds, and to change the coil in an instant. Its user-friendly design ensures comfort and convenience for the user: length is fully adjustable by millimeter increments; improved operating angle and shaped rubber handle for a firm, controlled grip. Now you're ready for a new adventure!
And more detail here.


13thBama said...

Can it transmit through water? I mean, can you use it in water and it still receive the signal from the coil?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yes, the coil is waterproof and there is a kit to waterproof the remote.