26 August 2014

Robert E. Lee: "A Role Model For All"

Despite the opinions of lesser, agenda-driven men.

The latest from North South Trader's Civil War publisher, Steve Sylvia:
. . . Lee was a man defined by honor. His English ancestors fought beside William the Conqueror, another marched in the Third Crusade in the Holy Land, and one was knighted by Queen Elizabeth. In the context of both his lineage and his times, Robert E. Lee's choice to side with family, community, and state against the United States is understandable. His own father defied his ancestral England when he made the choice to join the Continental Army. Defense of hearth and home and resistance to injustice came naturally to men like the Lees.
From Lee's perspective, the US was about to wage war on his home, his people, and his family. Even though the basic principles of the Republic had been compromised, Lee agonized over the decision and made his choice reluctantly. Once committed, he fought like a lion. Once defeated, he was without rancor. Such a man is not a traitor but a role model for all.
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