07 August 2014

Should Young Americans Just Say No To College?

Well, not always - you can't be a medical doctor or an attorney without it and there are other professions that, of course, require a college degree. But beyond that, I think there are far better options. A traditional college education has become, in the information age, a waste of time and money for many. I've been saying this for a number of years and a growing chorus of others are saying the same thing. Here's the latest lead in on an article on the topic from Salon:
Just say no to college! Why it’s the worst decision a young American can make
For today's grads, a job is no sure thing, but decades of debt may be. And don't get me started on the "education"
Yes, don't get me started on the "education" either. And the writer does not pull any punches:
. . . the degree will land you a job and provide “intellectual enrichment” and “critical thinking” and other impossible to quantify, dubious buzzwords used in college marketing pamphlets across the country. . . . This baby boomer-esque sentiment is garbage. It’s no wonder that in 2011, a Chronicle of Higher Education study found that “large numbers of U.S. college students can be accurately described as academically adrift. They might graduate, but they are failing to develop the higher-order cognitive skills that it is widely assumed college students should master.” To put it in less pedantic language, students are paying tens of thousands of dollars for a degree and walking away equally empty-headed as they were when they graduated high school, straight-A’s notwithstanding. The degree, which failed to get them a job, failed to educate them as well.
"Critical thinking"? That's hilarious. Read the stinging rebuke here.

However, if you really want that sheepskin, there are better ways than the traditional money and PC pit. Take control.

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