15 September 2014

A 5th Grader Is Smarter Than The Experts

Not difficult to accomplish these days. In one of our local schools, a 5th grade girl was told she could not use ChapStick in class. This rule was established because of the opinion of "experts".
In a statement, the Augusta County Schools superintendent's office said the ChapStick rule was based on input from local health care experts.
I could tell you a story or two about our local health care "experts" - including the 9 doctors who, this past March, told my suddenly blind wife to go home, there was nothing that could be done for her. I ignored their "expert" advice, did my own research and my wife, thanks to prayer and "unrecognized" therapy, now has about 80% of her vision back. But I digress. 

This 5th grader put the experts in their place.
"She said, 'Dad, I want to get rid of this ChapStick ban thing.' I said, 'Okay, you have to speak to your teacher and the principal, who both advised she write a letter to the Augusta County school board," he said.

Following her speech, Grace was cross-examined, her father said -- with one board member asking the girl if using ChapStick at school might be seen as a distraction.

"She said, 'I think it would be more distracting to have bleeding lips while I'm doing my work,'" her father said. "That ended that line of questioning."

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