01 September 2014

Like So Much Else Of Modernity

Tradition is rejected, garbage takes its place. Our culture is upside down. We know who to thank, don't we?


ropelight said...

Washington and Lee graduate Tom Wolfe explained exactly Why Modern Art is so Bad in his 1975 book: The Painted Word:

"In the beginning we got rid of nineteenth-century storybook realism. Then we got rid of representational objects. Then we got rid of the third dimension altogether and got really flat (Abstract Expressionism). Then we got rid of airiness, brushstrokes, most of the paint, and the last viruses of drawing and complicated designs".

After providing examples Wolfe then described modern conceptual art:

"…there, at last, it was! No more realism, no more representation objects, no more lines, colors, forms, and contours, no more pigments, no more brushstrokes. …Art made its final flight, climbed higher and higher in an ever-decreasing tighter-turning spiral until… it disappeared up its own fundamental aperture…"

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

It says so much about the "enlightened ones", doesn't it?

Eddie said...

Could it be that modern art/artists are lacking the abilities, motivation, and imagination to improve upon earlier works, leading to the promotion and acceptance of a much degraded "so called" art?

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I think lacking the "abilities, motivation, and imagination to improve upon earlier works" leads to the garbage being produced. The "acceptance" comes from the "art" world and academia. Chaos our of order - par for the course.