10 September 2014

Looks Like Another Successful Project By Kent Masterson Brown

Kent Brown is one of my favorite historians. He's a gifted and entertaining speaker. He's done, and is doing, some excellent work both in writing and documentary production. His latest appears to be yet another successful project. Fortunately, Brown is not infected with the PC virus which so many modern academic historians have succumbed to and which make their perspectives and writings so lemming like, so predictable and so conformist. Brown's projects and perspectives are an oasis in a desert of historians who seem to be rushing to see who can go the farthest and the fastest in presenting America as nothing more than an imperialist evil empire. As Stanley Kurtz recently noted: "American exceptionalism is out and America as a self-deluded imperialist power is in." So stale. Yawn.

Here's an introduction to Brown's Witnessing History's latest:

And here's an excerpt from a review of the film:
“Daniel Boone and the Opening of the American West” is destined to be the definitive documentary treatment of the life of Daniel Boone. A running time of 112 minutes allows more depth than you can get out of an hour-long History Channel doc and the Witnessing History production spearheaded by Kent Masterson Brown takes full advantage of the feature-length format to delve deeply into the story of the early settlement of Kentucky. [More here.]
*Update: Kent is sending me a copy of the DVD so I can do a full review.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Richard!
I have been negligent - I usually check your blog regularly.
Anyway, I am interested in Kent's treatment on ole Dan'l and, found it refreshing when your link sent me to a discussion of Alan Eckert's "Frontiersman" efforts, all of which I have read.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

You are welcome Bob. Kent sent me a review copy which I hope to watch this weekend. I've been busy with my latest book release. Anyway, I'll post a full review once I've seen it.