10 October 2014

Another Episode In The Confederate Flag Soap Opera

The latest one's in Danville, Virginia. 
Most speakers Thursday opposed removing the third national Confederate flag from the front lawn of the Sutherlin Mansion, which houses the Danville Museum of Fine Arts & History.
And there's this:
Three residents spoke out in support of the flag’s removal. One speaker said it is “a sign of people trying to dominate other people.”
Yeah, well most flags came about from one "people trying to dominate other people." Ummm . . . yeah, that's rather consistent throughout history.  I suppose the American Indians, Japanese, etc. could make the same claim about Old Glory, no?

Story here.

Also, if I recall correctly, didn't city officials in Danville decline Professor James Robertson's offer several years ago to donate his vast Civil War collection for a museum because of its "controversial nature"?


ropelight said...

The museum’s board of directors has asked city council to remove the flag for a planned Confederate flag exhibit as part of the museum’s sesquicentennial of the Civil War.

Say what? The museum's participation in America's CW sesquicentennial includes a display of Confederate flags, but for some as yet unrevealed reason the directors want to take the Confederate flag that flies in front of museum down?

And, they can't do it themselves, they want the city council to do their dirty work for them?

What the hell are they thinking?This is more than curious, it's an affront to common sense, and it runs counter to the goals of the sesquicentennial celebration.

We all know the Yankees 'tore up the Danville line and drove ol' Dixie down' 150 years ago. Now these idiot museum directors want to do it again.

They ought to provide a forthright explanation for their aggressively insulting request and face up to the consequences, or resign and slink away in disgrace. One or the other.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Its very simple. Despite all the gyrations and Gumby-like positions of *some* historians, it's about political correctness.

Its akin to Waite Rawls' refusal to fly a Confederate flag at the Museum of the CONFEDERACY. The PC virus is epidemic - one confirmation of infection is the inability to apply a common sense perspective to American history.

Eddie said...

Director of the museum claims the board wants to bring the flag inside for an exhibit of flags of t6he CSA. As though there cannot be a flag outside and another inside.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yes, the same red herring used over the Lee Chapel flags. That fish is beginning to stink.

ropelight said...

I poked around the museum's website. The recently appointed (2/13) Executive Director, Cara Burton is behind the effort to remove the Blood Stained Banner from the museum's front flagpole.

Apparently, there are 27 directors, 15 of them new, and most directors either abstained or were absent for the vote. Clearly, Barton's in-charge and apparently running roughshod over a cowed committee.

It'll be difficult for her to get her way as it seems there was a 1994 legal agreement between the Heritage Preservation Association and the City of Danville which makes the museum flag untouchable unless the City Council concurs.

Barton has poked a hornet's nest and is likely to find herself on the wrong side of local history.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

". . . seems there was a 1994 legal agreement between the Heritage Preservation Association and the City of Danville which makes the museum flag untouchable unless the City Council concurs."

Right and they did not. Just more grandstanding for PC purposes.