23 October 2014

City Of Danville Respects The Law & Rejects Political Correctness

“[U]nder Virginia law, the city does not have the legal authority to remove the Confederate flag flying on the grounds of the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History,” City Manager Joe King said in a midday news release Wednesday.
So the Confederate flag stays put - at least for now. What's interesting is that this is yet another example of how current stewards of history (faithfully preserved by others) disregard the legacy and responsibility that's been handed to them and bow to political correctness.

We've recently seen this same type of disregard for tradition and stewardship with the Museum of the Confederacy, as well as Lee Chapel. It's encouraging to see that respect for historical tradition and stewardship is not completely dead in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Were it not for the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the current Lee Chapel would have been razed in the 1920's. Were it not for the sons and daughters of Confederate Veterans, the collection at the MOC would be much smaller and poorer than it is today. Were it not for the United Daughters of  the Confederacy, there would be no Sutherlin Mansion to house the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History. So the support, gifts and money of these patriotic Americans are all fine but the symbol their ancestors fought under has to go? Speaks volumes, doesn't it? The word ingratitude comes to my mind.

As the Confederate flag was in a historical context both at the MOC, as well as Lee Chapel, so it is at the Danville Museum. Leave it alone.

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