14 October 2014

Deflecting From Civil War Memory

Update #3:
"Guilty as charged. It turns out that I “completely agreed” with a comment that included the word ‘manure’." ~ Kevin Levin
Actually, Levin "completely agreed" with a comment that called a young woman he's never met "manure."  All because she introduced a line of women's clothing that embraces a Southern style and theme. Personally, I think he owes the woman an apology, or at least a retraction of that insult. Certainly, Levin can dislike and criticize the clothing line. But projecting his associations with "Southern style" on someone else is silly and, as noted previously, reveals some serious insecurity.

Update #2: 
Williams really needs to get a life. Although there is a Part 2 scheduled from Williams, I will do you all a favor and move on. ~ Kevin Levin
Again, Levin goes to the trouble of posting his displeasure over a young woman's Southern style clothing line (!?) and agreeing with calling that young woman "manure" (!?) and I'm the one who " really needs to get a life." R-i-i-i-i-ght.

Yes, were I Levin, I'd move on too. Wise to quit before you get further behind.

And you gotta love this:
I usually do ignore Williams, but once in a while I like to reward him with a response. After all, he puts a lot of time into posts about me. ~ Kevin Levin
Just search his blog for posts with my name mentioned and see where he's spent "a lot of time." I stopped counting at 44 posts. Do it quickly though, he might delete them. But not to worry, I saved them all.

Thanks for all the rewards Kevin.

And notice all the projecting, the red herrings and the straw men in the comments section. Truly some insecure folks.

Update: "I simply linked to the story." ~ Kevin Levin 

He did more than that. He offered his opinion on the story:

Levin did not write the italicized comments, but he owns them since he agrees "completely." Of course, that's his right. And its my right to offer my opinion on his opinion.  Again, he can totally trash someone he doesn't know and can only make assumptions based on his preferred narrative, but doesn't particularly care for it when the tables are turned.  

Part 2 on this coming tomorrow.

End of update.

Kevin Levin attempts to deflect my criticism over comments (to which he "completely" agreed) which called a young woman "manure" simply because she introduced a "a Fall fashion spread inspired by life on an antebellum plantation." Levin can bluster all he wants about my post, but he has a track record of this kind of thing. He's clueless when it comes to aspects of Southern heritage, culture and style which fall outside of his preferred, narrow narrative.

Levin then attempts some psychoanalyzing:
Much of Williams’s blogging comes from a place of deep insecurity.
Let's see, he's ok with referring to a young woman (he's never met) as "manure" simply because she's marketing a line of clothing reflecting a Southern style; but I'm the one who's insecure. Uh-huh.

This is typical of Levin and those like him: put those who embrace their own perspective and celebration of Southern culture under a microscope, pick and poke and make fun of them - even insult and refer to a perfect stranger (apparently inferring all kinds of motives) as "manure" because of a clothing style (??!!), but when called on it, he becomes defensive.

He can dish it out, but he can't take it. So he reverts to an ad-hominem attack and says his critic is "insecure." 

How lame and intellectually shallow.


Anonymous said...


The best example of North/South dynamics can be seen on "The Apprentice." In the first season, The Boss fired a woman for not defending herself against bullying. The bully, imitating the boss with a sassy attitude, was not fired; the Victim was fired - for not fighting back against the insult quickly enough, even though it was not her turn to speak. Blame the victim. From then on, everybody became a bully. Finally, after several seasons of this squabbling, the Secretary said, “Just look at yourselves!” Classic case of The Double Bind. If you fire somebody for not defending themselves, then everybody will fall all over themselves to defend themselves. Duh!

Season 3, final task for 2 finalists:
The southern belle comes off looking like Melanie in Gone With The Wind - the perfect lady and leader. The northern team leader, however, does a grotesque imitation of The Boss - uppity, condescending, and everything - towards her teammates on the final task, and the whole world is forced to watch this masquerade on live television, kind of like listening to chalk screeching the blackboard.

And The Boss is horrified - to watch this grotesque imitation of himself. You can literally see him biting his tongue in the live finale - like a rookie high school teacher - trying to second-guess how the kids will imitate every thing he says and does. If you reward somebody for imitating you, and being uppity and condescending, resulting in ratings going through the roof, then why are you going to complain on live television that one of the finalists was condescending to her team? It doesn't make any sense.

You can set people up like this. Acquaintances will either withhold information from you because you might react badly, or they will send out probes - as a spectator sport - to see how you will react. And when you react badly enough to silence your critics, then you think you have won.

Keep up the good work, Mr. Williams.
And congratulations on getting your book out.

E.J. DAgrosa said...

It seems to me Levin might have security issues. Also, the comments on his post were a riot.

Eddie said...

D.H. Hill's words from long ago are still true today -- "A meddling Yankee troubles himself about every body's matters except his own and repents of everybody's sins except his own."

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yes, as I pointed out, Levin trolls the internet for this kind of stuff, goes off on these really weird tangents and then gets all defensive if someone disagrees with him and calls him on it. As I noted, he can dish it out, but he can't take it. His only defense is to call his critics "insecure." Very convincing comeback.

Here's a previous example of the same type of shenanigans: