05 October 2014

First Battle of Waynesboro Book Signing

Yesterday, the Waynesboro Heritage Foundation Museum hosted a book release party and signing for my most recent book, The Battle of Waynesboro. What a great day! I got to see lots of old friends and made quite a few new ones as well. We also sold a good number of books to benefit the museum. In addition, I finally got to meet Dr. (M.D.) Anita Henderson face to face. Anita was kind enough to write an addendum to my book in which she discusses her research about Maria Lewis - a black woman who posed as a man and allegedly participated in the BoW, fighting for the 8th New York Cavalry. Since the book went to print, she's found additional corroborating evidence about Lewis - evidence which she soon hopes to publish.

I had invited Anita to the event and she also signed quite a few books with me. Anita is a researcher and living historian, portraying everything from a house slave to a Confederate bugler. She will be in character as Maria Lewis at the BoW sesquicentennial reenactment next March. Besides our common interest in the War Between the States and the BoW, we also discovered that we are both ardent fans of what I refer to as the most politically incorrect show on television today - Hell on Wheels. (I'll be posting something about that later.)
Thanks to my dear wife for baking this cake.
She realized (too late) that she put the Billy Yanks
on the gray side of the cake and the Johnny Rebs
on the blue. Not to worry though as it did not
impact the great flavor of the cake, nor the
outcome of the battle.

It was a wonderful day. Many thanks to the Waynesboro Heritage Foundation, Anita Henderson, my wife and to all those who came out.


Anonymous said...

Good for you, Richard! I am glad it went well . . .
If I didn't live eight hours away, I would have stopped in!
Bob Miller

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Bob!

Jubilo said...

Dear Old Dom.,
Cake, new book and a bow-tie !
The boy's getting above his raising !!!
Congratulations !

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks David.

Anita L. Henderson, MD said...

Rich, thanks for the invitation to the book signing! It was fun meeting you (finally!) and your family, Shirley and the other volunteers at the museum. I had a wonderful time chatting with you and everyone who stopped by. I am working on the new information and want to have a working copy done within the next month or two. I look forward to the reenactment next March.


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hi Anita! Yes, it was delightful - and memorable. I look forward to seeing your research published. Stay in touch and we look forward to seeing you in March.