11 October 2014

Kind Words From A Fellow Writer . . .

Historian Richard Nicholas, who has written two books in the Virginia Regimental Series and a great book detailing Sheridan's James River campaign, recently sent me this kind email about my most recent book, The Battle of Waynesboro:
Mr. Williams:

I received a copy of your book last week and thank you very much. . . . looks like you have done a very good job and a lot of research. It will be a real contribution to our history and a long neglected battle.

I have already read the inspiring words in your introduction, and I look forward to reading the rest of the book that has been written by a true Southerner and Virginian. I fear that that there are not many of us left anymore.

Some day I would like to meet you have you show me around the "tree streets" and the site of the battle. I am especially interested in seeing the place where Pennington's flank attack took place in the vicinity of Ridgeview Park. Being an old geologist, I am always interested in looking at the topography and "lay of the land."

Richard's book about Sheridan's James River campaign was extremely helpful as I researched the Battle of Waynesboro. Of everything I read on the BoW, I found his account to be the most detailed and accurate. 

Simply being referred to as "a true Southerner and Virginian" is all the praise I need to reward the effort it took to write the book.

Thanks Richard!

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